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Coaches and Session helpers


Proficiency Award Coach - Skills on the proficiency award syllabus up to Award 7, plus support for ¾ turnover with a qualified coach


Level 1 - Beginner through to ¾ turnover, including twists to and from all body landings


Level 2 - Able to teach up to front/back somersaults (T,P,S); baranis (T,P); 3/4 Front and Back Somersaults (S)


Level 3 - Able to teach Level 2 coach skills plus those up to their highest module qualification


            Module 1:  somersaults from body landings, 1¼ front and back somersaults (equivalent to the cycle 5/6 Club Coach)

            Module 2:  ½ twisting crash dive, ½ twisting ¾ back ss. Full twisting back somersault, rudi, double fulls, rudi ballouts

            Module 3:  1¾ front somersault, competition knowledge

            Module 4:  ½ out and double backs (equivalent to Senior Club Coach)


Level 4 - Able to teach Doubles, Fulls, Rudis, 1+3's

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