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The BG Proficiency Trampoline awards provide the foundation for high quality trampolining which take the gymnast from beginner to competitor through 15 structured and progressive levels. The scheme was developed to be delivered by British Gymnastics’ qualified Coaches only.



Why use an award scheme?


Suitable for Pre School through to KS4, Trampoline Proficiency Awards develop fundamental actions, shapes and landings required for a lifetime of enjoyment and technical progress within the sport of trampoline gymnastics.




  • Offers a structured and progressive programme with 15 levels and different types of activity

  • Provides a sound framework for the progressive development of trampoline gymnastics skills

  • Provides gymnasts with motivation, encouragement and reward in the form of badges and certificates


What do the awards involve?


The Trampoline Proficiency Award is built around 15 levels, each offering a variety of skill development. Gymnasts are required to perform 8 out of the 10 skills on each level. They must perform each skill technically correct 3 times in order to achieve a tick for that skill. Once they have 8 ticks they are awarded a certificate and badge, which is presented to them during their training session.


Awards 1 - 5 are suitable for Pre-School and Beginners, and are designed to provide an all round grounding for trampoline.  Awards 1 - 5 are also a suitable training programme for people with a disability. 7 activities per level, requiring 6 out of 7 to pass the award.




Awards 6 - 10 are suitable for Primary and Secondary children from 5 years and build on the actions from 1 - 5 through a set of challenging yet exciting skill sets.

From award 6, the gymnast will be required to work through a range of important physical preparation exercises.



Awards 11 - 15 are suitable for competitive gymnasts of secondary school age and allow for progression to a competitive standard and incorporate individual skill development, drills and routine construction information. Individuals must pass 7 activities per level to receive the award.


Trampoline Proficiency Award Scheme